Before I was an accountant, I was the daughter of a math teacher.  You could just imagine my younger days, as a humble math prodigy, with a busy schedule of winning math competitions, solving the latest algebra problems  with my fellow geeky friends, arguing math hypothesis with my dad…. Well, thatContinue Reading

When I set up Christmas advent calendars for my kids, they tend to be focused on activities. Today’s activity is writing a letter to your sibling.  I thought it would be fun to create not only blank templates for these but also a creative Fill-in-the-Blanks activity as well. I can’tContinue Reading

I know you’re curious.  Or is that mild amusement?  Have I finally lost my marbles? Why make your own checker board game? Because you can – it’s an easy project. It’s unique and adorable. You can customize it for different seasons/holidays. These board games make interesting gifts. They are an excitingContinue Reading

Try this quick and easy way to finally organize your games and bring the fun wherever you go!

  PLEASE USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE Are you ready to face your family? Summer has sailed and Halloween is a blur.  What stretches before us is the trifecta of festive family gatherings: Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza) and New Year’s celebrations. It’s time to put away those phones and mingle. Prepare forContinue Reading

Design Your Own Toy Mat - it's easy!

When I was a kid, I learned not to question the mysterious garbage bags my parents brought home. They would pull the heavy, misshapen bundles out of their trunk, one by one, and drop them onto the shaggy carpet of our family den.  They issued specific instructions not to touchContinue Reading

Halloween Party Favor Treats - non-food

“Mom, can we get Skelly from the basement?” my son breaks through my daydreams as I pull into the driveway.  “Skelly’s just for Halloween” I reply.  Another drive home with yet another request from him.  “Mom, we need some Halloween decorations!”, he yells from the back seat.  “Son.  It’s September.Continue Reading

Binder for Child's School Papers

My son scatters the contents of his Take-Home folder on the dining table faster than a low-flying bird taking care of business over unsuspecting pedestrians.  I need a moment to breathe. I make my way over to the source of my frustration (surprisingly, not my son) and take a queasyContinue Reading